The purpose of this blog is to enable our existing clients and our future clients to see what goes on when we travel all over the US while doing what we do best, HAIL REPAIR!  This blog is to show the customers where we go and how much work actually goes into the hail season. 

Let me back-track for a second.  Hail season starts roughly around March and ends around October every year.  This is just for the United States – as hail is prevalent all over the world.  Each “hail season” many paintless dent repair businesses travel all over the United States and basically “chase hail” for the six months of the season.  With out these guys, vehicles that have been damaged during a hail storm won’t get fixed.  Their job is to make your vehicle look as if it hadn’t been through a catastrophe, but in a quick, easy and affordable way.  

This year, I am lucky enough to be able to go with my new husband (and when I say “new” I’m talking newlyweds here).  As a way to pass time and help him build business, I’ve decided to go ahead and start blogging about all the adventures we are going to go through during this years hail season.  I was unable to go last year due to wedding planning and work, but this year, I intend to see exactly what happens and to get down and dirty with the boys (as much as I can take it).

So come along on this new adventure as we go through the next eight months filled with our exciting wedding and honeymoon, then…HAIL SEASON.  


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